Monday, January 28, 2013


Belt Alignment

Typical and similar design as found on small unit screw air compressor of Italian made.
It reduces two of the three variables in belt alignment.
A lowly skilled technician can easily perform the job. Only need to adjust the distance of the pulley into the shaft.

More will be coming, please in contact:

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Overhaul !

Rotary Twin Screw Air Compressor Overhaul;
Penang, Malaysia.

***** Training for your staff can be arranged !!!!!

Latest Biggest 2-Stage Rotary Twin Screw Air End Ever repair & overhaul in my area.
It is an Ingersoll Rand MH 300, 300 Kw air compressor.


We do conduct this training;
A workshop, usually take 2 + 2 days full time; to overhaul your Air Compressor's Twin Screw Oil Flooded Air End at our workshop.

For Air End size up to 100 hp or 75 kW Nominal main Motor Power or up to 500 kg.

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded on Successful Complete of Workshop ( practical & theory ).  

Compressor Parts; 
example bearings, '0' Rings, gaskets, shims etc., will be separately charge or you may supply yourself.

On successful completion; 
30% of training fee will be return in the form of Air Compressors or it's Consumable Parts.

Induction Bearing Heater

Oil Separator Elements
Air Filter Elements

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Basic Compressor Course

Electrical Module:

Direct On Line (DOL)

Electrical Module of Basic Compressor Course:
Lesson 1 done on 7th April 2012

Basic Compressor Course:
Both Mechanical & Electrical components, Theory & Practical industrial based.

A certificate of Completion will be Provided.

Your Investment: 
Limited to First 30 Pax.
50% of Tuition will be return on Successful Completion of Lessons.
Terms and Conditions apply.

*** Work or Job maybe Arranged !!!

Total Duration;
12 months, with 2 weeks break, Every 3 months.