Saturday, April 17, 2010

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Overhaul !

Ingersoll Rand EP100 air compressor [with 86 kw main motor] overhaul;
Main Motor and Air End;
Penang, Malaysia, on the 15th April 2010

The Air End to be overhaul; awaiting dismantle
Note the check valve [ Non return valve ] with the arrow of flow.

The male rotor DE bearing's outer race.

Both the bearings of the rotors at the front end, where the gear box is.

Male rotor shaft on the left,
Note !
The worn out male rotor drive bearing

The rotors waiting to be push out from their cocoon [Compressor case / Housing ].

The Air End rotors' after the NU type of bearings being remove.

The Air End rotors' after the NU type of bearings being remove.
Both male and female rotors.

The pressure end side, note the tapered bearings.

The Air End cover, the high pressure side.
There is overheating at this end.

Shaft seal to prevent compressor oil [ Coolant ] from leak into the motor windings

The shaft seal is install here. [ inside ]

The dismantling of the Air Compressor main motor.

Non drive end [ NDE ] side of the main motor.
with it's cover on the cement floor.

Showing the stator and rotor shaft with motor shaft bearing.

NDE motor cover

Drive end [ DE ] side of the main motor

The DE bearing cover,

The DE bearing cover, front is the gear box side.

The motor after dismantle, prepare to clean by air jet.
Lot of white from the rubber glove manufacturing facilities.

Prepare the motor coil for varnishing.

After re-varnishing the Stator Coil.

Air End Failure due to lack of Lubrication.
It is A Quincy 30 hp screw air compressor of the male rotor end bearings.


Testimonial from Institute Latihan Perindustrian, Jitra, Kedah
for conducting a one day workshop on Basic Air Compressor course to teachers and students of the Institute.

From Almig Compressor of Germany.
The number Air Compressor Company in Germany,
The hot bed of compressor manufacturer and air end manufacturing.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor Overhaul !

Rotary Twin Screw Air Compressor Overhaul;
14th April 2010
Penang, Malaysia.
Model: CompAir Broomwade N6090, imported version [ not sold locally ]

Front showing the drive coupling, behind the shaft is the gear box.

Pinion shaft of drive gear, gear box housing

Compressor case, note the size;
The bigger size hole is for male drive rotor.
The smaller size on the left is the female rotor, driven.

The end plate, note the wear on the surface on the bigger rotor.
Cause by some foreign metal particles.

Gear case housing

Driven rotor, that is the female rotor.

Drive rotor, this case is the male rotor.
The gear on the floor is mounted in the gear box to the drive shaft of the main motor, this gear will drive the smaller size gear install on one end of the male rotor shaft.