Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Positive Displacement Compressors-Vane 1

Positive-displacement Compressors

Vane and Screw are classified under the main group know as Positive-displacement compressors.

According to Compressed Air and Gas Handbook:
A positive-displacement compressor is a machine in which, a quantity of air or gas occupies a space that is mechanically reduced, resulting in a corresponding increase in pressure.

It should be realised that during the last 20 over years, there has been a significant swing from reciprocating to packaged, rotary air compressors.

From Compressed Air and Gas Handbook,
The oil-injected, sliding vane rotary compressor was introduced as portable, engine-driven compressor way back in year 1950.

Actually, it was produced in Italy, way back in the year 1923 by a company now know as Pneumofore.

Shortly thereafter, it was applied as stationary industrial compressor with electric motor drive in 1956. It has since been incorporated into diesel-engine-packages. Lately, especially the smaller and more compact designs have been incorporated into the original equipment of many manufacturers.

Since, the introduction of these compressors into the industrial market, many improvements have been made, thus, providing a reliable compressor package.

The compressor is normally furnished as an engineering package, so installation is simplified.

These design minimize maintenance and is free from vibration problems, and its compact size eliminates the need for extensive foundations.

It can be water-cooled or air-cooled packages.

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