Saturday, September 5, 2009

Air End failure -IR - 04/Sept/2009

A failed Rotary Screw Air Compressor's Air End:=
Ingersoll Rand MM75,
[ 75kw = 100 hp ]
We dismantle on Friday, 4th September, 2009 from a factory in Prai Industrial, Penang.

A view of air end after the air end side of the gear box cover remove.

A close-up view of the same air end.

worn out part of the DE side of male rotor.
There is wear on the NU bearing inner cone bearing seat.
Meaning the inner race of the bearing is rotating on the rotor shaft.

The gear box cover that support the rotors.
The bearing support for the male rotor shaft.

Another view of the air end side gear box cover.
The male rotor side.

Air End end cover!

Another view of failed, twin screw rotor.
The male and female rotor.

The male rotor in the housing after the female rotor is been remove from the housing [compression chamber].

The male just coming out of it's housing.

The Male Rotor Before Repair !

The Male Rotor After Repair !

The rotor after repair, rebuilt, and grind to size.

Air End Bearings:
Type and sizes of bearing for this air end are:=
HM 911210 = 4 pcs
HM 911244 = 4 pcs
NU 211 ECM/C3 = 1 set
NU 311 ECM/C3 = 1 set

There are three types of bearing cage to choose from, there are
NU 311 ECJ = Steel cage
NU 311 ECP = Polymide cage [ a type of plastic material ]
NU 311 ECM = Brass cage

A sample of a different air end using ECM bearings.
That is bearing with Brass Cage.

This Air End is for sale, for use on Ingersoll Rand M55 & M75,
55 Kw [75 hp] and/or 75kw [100 hp] air compressors.

C3 = clearance of three thou, clearance between races and roller bearings.
3 thou = 3/1000 inches.

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