Friday, January 2, 2009

More Air End Failure Photos

More Air End Failure Photos
Atlas Copco GA75, male drive rotor Shaft failure at gear location!

Worn out side of Motor drive gear, due to poor installation.
Loose wear sleeve rubbing against the gear face! on motor side
Repair by US, Air end cover broken by inexperience repairman or technicians, note the top side of cover, we need to join by welding and surface grind the Cover end face.
Air end failure- Drive rotor [MALE] stuck to front end cover.
Another view of the Fail Air End. Note the male drive rotor face.
A sample of EcoAir D100 air end.
Fail Air End, EcoAir D25, foreign particles into the close clearance within the screw elements.

A sample of Ingersoll Rand, ML22 gear drive design, air end size [diameter] of 100 mm.

A failed Air End Bearing,
Type QJ

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