Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oil Vapour in Compressed Air

The quantity of oil vapour in compressed air depends on:

* Type of oil [coolant]
* End temperature after compression
* Outlet temperature of the compressed air
* Working pressure

Oil Vapour passes all air/oil separator elements
That is, at temperature of 100 degree Celsius, up to 5 times more oil goes through than at temperature of 80 degree Celsius.

If you have a perfectly balanced air/oil separator, then the high oil consumption, due to high oil carry-over to compressed air could be:

* Oil return (scavenging) pipe is blocked
* Oil return (scavenging) pipe too short, not of the correct length
* Oil specification wrong
* Oil vapour too high [due to high temperature]
* Oil level too high
* Air refine efficiency is bad
* Too much oil foam

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